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The Dirt for August 4 2014

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Helpful Tip from the Garden Geeks:  Want an all white Garden? Here are a few plants that have white flowers or varieties that do.


Phlox, Arabis, Asters, Chrysanthemum, Anemone, Larkspur, Babys Breath, Iberis, Peony, Platycodon, Scabiosa, Stokesia, Yucca, Veronica, Alyssum, Saponaria, Petunia, Poppy, Nicotiana, Sweet Pea, Morning Glory, Moon Flower or Arctotis.  



Snowdrop, Crocus, Hyacinth, Tulip, Narcissus, Lily



Hibiscus, Spirea, Mock Orange, Jasmine, Rose, Oleander

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