The Dirt for March 24 2013

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Helpful tip from The Garden Geeks:  Our top 5 common household products that kill weeds (and plants so be careful where you pour) are

1. OUR FAVORITE!! Boiling Water: Pour directly on unwanted plant. Always on hand and so easy to use, no residuals in the soil and speedy results.
2. Black Plastic Bags: Secure on ground and let the weeds cook for 2 weeks.
3. White Vinegar: Pour directly on plant. Almost every gardener has this around. 
4. Salt: Best to pour on plant on a dry sunny day. Careful of surrounding plants...stays in soil for awhile.
5. Vodka: Mix 3 tablespoons of Vodka with 2 cups of water, spray on weeds. Be careful not to spray on other plants.


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