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The Dirt for March 8 2013

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Helpful tip from The Garden Geeks:  I often get asked how to kill or get rid of fire ants. There are a few remedies out there, like half of a bar of lye soap melted in 5 gallons of water poured onto a mound, or dry ice being shoved down to the bottom of the mound, both can cause harm if not handled properly. Another remedy is that it has been proven that human urine repels ants, but this just makes them relocate, possible someplace closer to your house. Here is my favorite remedy... BOILING water. Slowly pour 3 gallons of boiling water into a mound. Do this on a day when they are active. It will kill ants and larva. Sometimes you may not get the queen in the first round so if you see activity in the mound again...repeat. Before I forget, let me state that grits or rice do not eliminate fire ants. I tried these old remedies when I lived in Texas. They don't work because ants don't eat solid food, so the theory that they will eat these items and their stomach will swell has no merit.


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