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The Dirt for January 17 2013

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Helpful tip from The Garden Geeks:  The low down on potting mixes

*POTTING SOIL: usually has equal parts loamy topsoil, sphagnum moss or peat moss, and perlite, vermiculite, or sand. It should be clean and nutrient rich.
*SOILLESS POTTING MIX: usually peat based and also contains sphagnum moss, perlite, or vermiculite. Use it in planters when worried about weight or if a plant needs especially light growing medium.
*SEED-STARTING MIX: has a light texture, retains water well, and is sterilized to prevent fungus diseases. It's main ingredients are soil, sand and peat. It's low in nutrients.
*PROPAGATING MIX: used for rooting cuttings and has peat, perlite, or sand as a base. Drains well but is nutrient poor.
*PLANTING MIX: generally refers to outdoor soil mixes for in-ground planting.
*SPECIALIZED MIXES: contain ingredients that mimic conditions favored by certain plants, such as rock plants, azaleas, or orchids.


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