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The Dirt for January 14 2013

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Helpful tip from The Garden Geeks:  Did you know tea and tea bags have several uses in the garden. 

*You can repair bare spots in the lawn with a teabag patch. Take a moist used tea bag and place it on the spot then sow grass seed on it. As the bag slowly decomposes, it provides moisture and nutrients to the seed and soon you wont see the spot.
*Use tea leaves or teabags in containers and cover with mulch or pebbles. Your plant will get a boost every time you water.
*Leave used teabags or tea dregs in water overnight and serve brew to azaleas, ferns, hydrangeas, or any acid loving plant. Be sure to use only tea that hasn't been mixed with sugar or cream.
*Teabags make great root reservoirs when you place them at the bottom of a container on top of the drainage layer of pebbles or shards. The bags will retain water and keep roots moist.


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