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The Dirt for August 5 2012

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Helpful tip from The Garden Geeks:  A friend of mine asked about over wintering hibiscus in our chilly zone 4. My response "There are several opinions on how to over winter. This is what I do and has worked for me... I allow it to get bit by frost and then bring it into the porch where it can stay cool or cold for six to eight weeks. Then I prune it back hard and bring it into a setting that gets ample light and warmth I have florescent lights in the basement that I leave on for 13 hours a day). I start watering to keep the potting soil moist (I never use just the garden soil when over wintering because it doesn't allow for good drainage but if yours have never been in the ground no worries there). Leaflets should soon peak out and the plant will usually give me a bloom or 3 during the winter months. Give the plant a bit of fertilizer just as the new growth begins."



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