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The Dirt for June 2 2012

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Helpful tip from The Garden Geeks: Did you know Deer Flies like the color blue? So here is a tip for those bothered by those nasty biters (besides wearing long sleeves and pants). Trap Deer Flies by taking a 6" bright blue flower pot or cup, covering with any sticky stuff and turning it upside down on a pole or stake. For some odd reason, Deer Flies are attracted to the size and shape and then get stuck in the goo! It has to move and jiggle, but this is a little trick forest rangers have been using for years. In some parks rangers have been mounting the traps on a bicycle and pedal through every couple of days so hikers can enjoy the trails unmolested. It was discovered by Russ Mizell, a Florida University professor. It is said to work on Horse Flies and Yellow flies as well!

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