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Physalis pruinosa 'aunt molly's'

Pronunciation: Fy-sal-is proo-in-no-suh
Family: Solanaceae
Synonym: Physalis pubescens var. Integrifolia
Common Name: Aunt molly's ground cherry, cape gooseberry, husk tomato
Cultivar: Aunt molly's
Plant Type:
  • fruits, vegetables
  • annual
Height to: 2 ft
Width to: 2 ft
USDA Hardiness Zones:
  • 20 to 10ºF ZONE 8
  • 30 to 20ºF ZONE 9
  • 40 to 30ºF ZONE 10
  • 50 to 40ºF ZONE 11
Sun Exposure:
  • full sun
Bloom Season:
  • mid summer
  • late summer
Bloom Description: Aunt molly's ground cherry (physalis pruinosa) produce pale yellow flowers
Soil Type: Well drained soil, amended with compost
  • Yes
Plant Perks:
  • Easy to Grow/Ideal for Children
  • Container Gardening
Pests and Diseases: Cutworms when you first plant your seedlings into the garden
Propagation: Propagate aunt molly's ground cherry (physalis pruinosa) by seed
Winter Sowing Zones: None
Notes for Identification: Aunt molly's ground cherry (physalis pruinosa) is a pennsylvania dutch heirloom with a very unique pineapple, vanilla infused flavor. Trouble-free plant is related to the tomatillo - noticeably are little paper "lantern" enclosed fruits. Easy to grow, prolific, and super sweet. Can be used for preserves, pies, over ice cream, or in fresh fruit saladsnot as big and sweet as some tree fruits, but the only fruit you can grow from seed in your vegetable garden and have fruits the same year you plant them. Works well in containers ,just make sure the container is at least 8 inches deep to allow for its fairly large root systemmake sure they get regular watering, at least one inch per week. Dry conditions will cause them to drop their blossoms without producing fruit. Each plant will produce about one pint of berries throughout the growing seasonstart seed indoors 6 weeks before last frostplant your ground cherries 18 to 24 inches apartdays to maturity: 70-90approximate germination days: 10-20soil temperature for germination: 75fplanting depth: 1/4"
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