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Ixora coccinea 'Maui Yellow'

Pronunciation: iks-OR-uh kok-SIN-ee-uh
Family: Rubiaceae
Common Name: Ixora, Jungle Flame, Flame-of-the-Woods, Jungle Geranium
Cultivar: Maui Yellow
Plant Type:
  • trees, shrubs
  • perennial
Height to: 5-6ft (1.5-2m)
Width to: 5-6ft (1.5-2m)
USDA Hardiness Zones:
  • 60 to 50ºF ZONE 12
  • 70 to 60ºF ZONE 13
  • 80 to 70ºF ZONE 14
Sun Exposure:
  • part sun
  • full sun
Bloom Season:
  • repeat bloomer
Bloom Description: Maui Yellow Jungle Flame (Ixora coccinea) bears small tubular, yellow in dense rounded clusters 2-5 in (5-13 cm) across They are pollinated by butterflies and followed by hard, fleshy berry-like fruits.
Soil Type: Under glass, grow in soilless potting mix with added leaf mold and grit. Outdoors, grow in fertile, moist but well drained soil
  • No
Plant Perks:
  • Fragrant
  • Suitable for Houseplant
  • Container Gardening
  • Salt Tolerant
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Attracts Hummingbirds
  • Attracts Butterflies
Pests and Diseases: Aphids and scale. Iron deficiency, Xanthomonas spot, fungal leaf spot
Propagation: Root semi ripe cuttings of Jungle Flame (Ixora coccinea), in the summer with bottom heat.
Native to: Garden Origin
Winter Sowing Zones: None
Notes for Identification:

Maui Yellow Jungle Flame (Ixora coccinea) is a bushy, gently rounded shrub with oblong or obovate to elliptic, glossy mid to deep green leaves, 2-4in (5-10cm) long.

Jungle Flame (Ixora coccinea) is used in warm climates for hedges and screens, foundation plantings, massed in flowering beds, or grown as a specimen shrub or small tree. In cooler climes, it'ss grown in a greenhouse or as a potted house plant requiring bright light. Ixora is also grown in containers, looking very distinguished as a patio or poolside plant. This tight, compact shrub is much branched and tolerates hard pruning, making it ideal for formal hedges, although we think it is at its best when not sheared.

Source: Various sources including The American Horticultural Society A to Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, Floridata and the USDA

USDA Heat Zones (days above 86ºF):
  • 150 to 180 days ZONE 10
  • 180 to 210 days ZONE 11
  • Greater then 210 ZONE 12
Seed photo: 0
Seed Label: 0
Located in: Trees, Shrubs
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