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Nepenthes x coccinea

Pronunciation: nep-EN-theez cok-SIN-i-a
Family: Nepenthaceae
Common Name: Tropical Pitcher Plant, Hybrid Pitcher Plant
Plant Type:
  • vines and climbers
  • perennial
Height to: 20ft (6m)
USDA Hardiness Zones:
  • 80 to 70ºF ZONE 14
Sun Exposure:
  • part sun
Bloom Description: Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes x coccinea) bear petalless male and female flowers, with green and brown sepals that are produced on spike like racemes
Soil Type: See indoor care below. Outdoors grow in moist, open, leafy soil or as epiphytes.
Pests and Diseases: Mealybugs and gray mold
Propagation: Sow Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes x coccinea) seed as soon as ripe on the surface of moist peat or fine coconut fiber, and place in a tray of water in a shaded propagator; maintain a temperature of 81ºF (27ºC). Air layer in spring or summer.
Native to: Garden Origin
Winter Sowing Zones: None
Notes for Identification:

Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes x coccinea) is a lowland climber with yellow-green pitchers, to 6" long, mottled purple-red, with inflated bases and oblique mouths.

Care: It requires a minimum daytime temperature of 75ºF; night: 59ºF in winter, 70ºF in summer. Provide ventilation when over 100ºF. Indoors, grow in slatted baskets in a mix of 2 parts bark, 2 parts perlite, and 1 part coarse peat or coconut fiber, or in clean, live sphagnum moss. Provide bright filtered light, or full light with shade from hot sun, and high humidity. In summer, apply a high nitrogen liquid fertilizer weekly. Prune mature plants in spring, reducing stems by 2/3s of their length, to induce vigorous, pitcher producing shoots.

It is a Victorian-era hybrid (Nepenthes x dominii x Nepenthes mirabilis)

Source: Various sources including The American Horticultural Society A to Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, UWYO, UDEL and Harvard

USDA Heat Zones (days above 86ºF):
  • Less then 1 day ZONE 1
  • 1 to 7 days ZONE 2
  • 7 to 14 days ZONE 3
  • 14 to 30 days ZONE 4
  • 30 to 45 days ZONE 5
  • 45 to 60 days ZONE 6
  • 60 to 90 days ZONE 7
  • 90 to 120 days ZONE 8
  • 120 to 150 days ZONE 9
  • 150 to 180 days ZONE 10
  • 180 to 210 days ZONE 11
  • Greater then 210 ZONE 12
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