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Carnegiea gigantea

Pronunciation: Kar-nee-jee-a ji-gan-tee-a
Family: Cactaceae
Common Name: Saguaro
Plant Type:
  • perennial
  • succulent and cactus
Height to: 50'
Width to: 10'
USDA Hardiness Zones:
  • 60 to 50ºF ZONE 12
  • 70 to 60ºF ZONE 13
  • 80 to 70ºF ZONE 14
Sun Exposure:
  • full sun
Bloom Season:
  • early summer
Bloom Description: Solitary, funnel to bell shaped, many petaled white flowers, to 5" long and across, are borne from felted, spineless areoles at the tips of the stems. They are followed by ovoid, oblong, often spiney, greenish fruit, which erupt upon ripening, exposing bright red pulp.
Soil Type: Sharply drained, humus rich, gritty, slightly alkaline
Pests and Diseases: Stem rot, seedling rot, soft rot, saguaro virus
Propagation: Sow seed at 70f/21c in early spring. Carnegiea rarely survives transplanting from the wild.
Native to: S. California, arizona, n. W. Mexico
Notes for Identification: A columnar, erect, slow growing, cacti.   data source: the american horticultural society a to z encyclopedia of garden plants
USDA Heat Zones (days above 86ºF):
  • 150 to 180 days ZONE 10
  • 180 to 210 days ZONE 11
  • Greater then 210 ZONE 12
Seed photo: 0
Seed Label: 0
Located in: Succulents
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