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Knautia dipsacifolia

Pronunciation: Knautia sylvatica, knautia chabertii, scabiosa dipsacifolia
Common Name: Wood scabious, ambretta occidentale
Plant Type:
  • perennial
Height to: 4'
Width to: 2'
USDA Hardiness Zones:
  • -10 to -20ºF ZONE 5
  • 0 to -10ºF ZONE 6
  • 10 to 0ºF ZONE 7
  • 20 to 10ºF ZONE 8
  • 30 to 20ºF ZONE 9
Sun Exposure:
  • full sun
Bloom Season:
  • early summer
  • mid summer
  • late summer
Bloom Description: Purple button like
Soil Type: Moist, well drained
Propagation: Can take 30 days to germinate seeds. Can be eratic and take longer. Best started in situ but can be started indoors 4 to 6 weeks before last frost. Surface sow seeds. Basal cuttings can be taken in spring or early autumn or division can be done in spring.
Notes for Identification: Trouble free plant of italy. Cut bacck in spring to encourage stronger growth and again after flowering to encourage a second bloom in autumn. May require staking or shelter from wind. They are short lived and require division every few years to maintain vigor. - source: a gardeners a-z guide to growing flowers from seed to bloom
Seed photo: 1
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