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Aegilops geniculata

Pronunciation: Ay-gil-ops gen-ik-yoo-lah-tuh
Family: Poaceae
Synonym: Aegilops ovata, triticum ovatum
Common Name: Ovate goatgrass
Plant Type:
  • grasses
  • annual
Height to: 16"
USDA Hardiness Zones:
  • Not apply
Soil Type: Adaptable
Pests and Diseases: Very disease resistant
Notes for Identification: Hairy plant with hairy root, noded stems gathered in tufts reaching upwards from 20 cm to 40 cm. Flat and thick leaves. The spike (without awns) is 2-3 cm long, hard, with 3-4 spikelets of which the upper 1-2 are always non- fructiferous and the lower 2 - always frucfiferous, rounded, slightly swollen with 6-8 awns each. The chaffs of the fructiferous spikelets are strongly bristlelike rugged along the veins but naked between them ending at the tip with 2 long almost similar awns. - source: dewa/grid
Seed photo: 1
Located in: Grasses
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