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Consolida ajacis

Pronunciation: Kon-sol-ih-duh uh-jay-cis
Family: Ranunculaceae (buttercup or crowfoot family)
Common Name: Larkspur, rocket larkspur, annual delphinium, annual larkspur
Plant Type:
  • annual
Height to: 1-2'
USDA Hardiness Zones:
  • -30 to -40ºF ZONE 3
  • -20 to -30ºF ZONE 4
  • -10 to -20ºF ZONE 5
  • 0 to -10ºF ZONE 6
  • 10 to 0ºF ZONE 7
  • 20 to 10ºF ZONE 8
  • 30 to 20ºF ZONE 9
  • 40 to 30ºF ZONE 10
  • 50 to 40ºF ZONE 11
Sun Exposure:
  • full sun
Bloom Description: These plants bloom in spring and summer with blue, white, pink or lilac florets on spikes 2-3 ft (0. 6-0. 9 m) tall. They are shorter, less spectacular plants than the true delphiniums, most of which are perennial. The leaves are bright green and finely dissected - feathery, even. The flowering spike may be single or branched. The individual florets are about two inches across, and bear an upward curving spur at the rear of the corolla - hence the common name. Technically, there are five sepals, four of which look like petals; the fifth is the spur.
Soil Type: Provide larkspurs with supplemental water during dry spells.
Plant Perks:
  • Easy to Grow/Ideal for Children
  • Cut Flower
  • Attracts Hummingbirds
  • Attracts Butterflies
Propagation: Larkspurs self sow readily, and are easy to germinate from fresh or stored seed. Sow seeds where they are to be grown in fall or early spring, while it is still cool.
Native to: The annual larkspurs come originally from southern europe and the mediterranean region.
Notes for Identification: Unlike the perennial delphiniums, the annual larkspurs do not require staking. They bloom earlier and they are much easier to grow than the towering delphiniums of english gardens. Annual larkspurs are best suited for flower beds and borders where they may self sow year after year. These larkspurs, in white, blue and pink, are positively excellent as cut flowers. And, the hummingbirds love them, too!  
Located in: Annual
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