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Brassica oleracea var. Gongylodes

Pronunciation: Bras-ee-ka awl-lur-ray-see-uh var. Gon-jih-loh-deez
Family: Brassicaceae/cruciferae (cabbage family
Common Name: Kohlrabi, stem turnip, turnip cabbage
Plant Type:
  • fruits, vegetables
  • bulb, tuber, corm
Height to: 2'
USDA Hardiness Zones:
  • -30 to -40ºF ZONE 3
  • -20 to -30ºF ZONE 4
  • -10 to -20ºF ZONE 5
  • 0 to -10ºF ZONE 6
  • 10 to 0ºF ZONE 7
  • 20 to 10ºF ZONE 8
  • 30 to 20ºF ZONE 9
  • 40 to 30ºF ZONE 10
Sun Exposure:
  • full sun
Bloom Description: In its second growing season, kohlrabi produces a flowering stalk with numerous yellow, cross-shaped flowers that give rise to sickle shaped pods full of little black seeds. Peeled and eaten raw, kohlrabi tastes like a combination of mild turnip and sweet apple. Some liken it to the heart of cabbage or a very sweet turnip with celery or nutty overtones.
Plant Perks:
  • Easy to Grow/Ideal for Children
Propagation: Kohlrabi is grown from seed planted directly in the garden. Thin to 6" apart and use the thinnings as salad greens
Native to: Wild cabbage (brassica oleracea ssp. Oleracea), the progenitor of all the brassica oleracea varieties, grows along the coasts in europe and north africa. Kohlrabi was developed from its cabbage ancestor in northern europe, and was grown by the ancient romans and the gardeners of the emperor charlemagne. Today kohlrabi is a popular vegetable in europe, asia and the northern us and canada. It is a staple in northern european home gardens
Notes for Identification: Source: floridata - kohlrabi often is steamed or boiled like turnips or cabbage, but young corms are best when eaten raw. Pick when 2-3 in (5-7. 6 cm) in diameter; peel, and serve with a little salt and vinegar. Smaller corms don't need to be peeled at all. The young leaves are good and can be cooked like spinach. If kohlrabi is harvested before warm weather, it is tender, sweet and succulent. If left in the garden into the warm days of summer, kohlrabi gets fibrous and pungent, like a strong radish. Kohlrabi is one of the most underrated and underused vegetables, especially in the us and the uk. It is one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Kohlrabi looks like something from mars, and is a favorite with children. Kohlrabi is good for you too! It is high in potassium and antioxidants so grow some, eat some and be healthy! Care: kohlrabi is fast growing, producing harvest sized corms within 50-70 days, depending on the variety. Kohlrabi is more tolerant of heat and drought than most of the cabbage relatives, and it can take frosts and freezes down to at least 10f.
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