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Portulaca grandiflora

Pronunciation: Por-tew-lak-uh gran-dih-flor-uh
Family: Portulacaceae (purslane family)
Common Name: Moss rose, rose moss, sun plant, portulaca
Plant Type:
  • annual
Height to: 6"
Width to: 12"
USDA Hardiness Zones:
  • -10 to -20ºF ZONE 5
  • 0 to -10ºF ZONE 6
  • 10 to 0ºF ZONE 7
  • 20 to 10ºF ZONE 8
  • 30 to 20ºF ZONE 9
  • 40 to 30ºF ZONE 10
  • 50 to 40ºF ZONE 11
Sun Exposure:
  • full sun
Bloom Description: The roselike flowers are about an inch across and come in bright colors like rose pink, red, yellow, white, and orange. Some are striped or spotted with contrasting colors. The flowers are borne on the stem tips, and they open only during bright sunlight, closing at night and on cloudy days.
Soil Type: Grows well in poor, sandy or gravelly soils. The soil must be very well-drained. Drought tolerant, but flowers best with regular watering. Don't water with overhead irrigation, which can damage the flowers.
Plant Perks:
  • Drought Tolerant
Pests and Diseases: It can be bothered by root-knot nematodes and aphids. Aphids can be washed off with a stream of water or sprayed with soapy water. There's not much you can do about root-knot nematodes except to grow plants that are resistant.
Propagation: Sow seeds in place. They are as tiny as dust, so mix them with sand before sowing to make them easier to scatter. In warm climates, moss rose may self-seed.
Native to: The hot, dry plains of southern brazil, uruguay and northern argentina, moss rose is cultivated throughout the world as a favorite garden annual. It has escaped cultivation in a few areas, including central florida.
Notes for Identification: Moss rose makes a beautiful ground cover in a dry or rocky area, although it cannot be walked on. Use moss rose as edging at the front of borders or in the cracks in a rock wall, or the spaces between stepping stones. It's perfect for a hot, dry, south facing slope. Plant moss rose in a container or hanging basket and let it spill over like a sedum. Moss rose is a beautiful, bright colored, low growing annual that blooms all summer long with little or no care required. It is one of very few annual succulents.
Located in: Succulents
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