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Pinus nigra

Pronunciation: Py-nus ny-gruh
Family: Pinaceae (pine family)
Common Name: Austrian pine, european black pine
Plant Type:
  • trees, shrubs
Height to: 60'
USDA Hardiness Zones:
  • -20 to -30ºF ZONE 4
  • -10 to -20ºF ZONE 5
  • 0 to -10ºF ZONE 6
  • 10 to 0ºF ZONE 7
  • 20 to 10ºF ZONE 8
Sun Exposure:
  • full sun
Bloom Description: Its stiff, dark green needles are 3"-6" long, occurring in bundles of two. It has dark gray bark which matures into rough, scaly plates. It bears 2"-3" yellow-brown prickly cones.
Soil Type: Tolerates a wide range of soil
Plant Perks:
  • Drought Tolerant
Propagation: Seeds, seedlings.
Native to: Europe and asia minor and also northwest africa. It has been planted widely in the united states.
Notes for Identification: Austrian pine is widely planted as an ornamental, as well as in screens and windbreaks. This pine's dark green, evergreen foliage and hardiness to a variety of conditions, including smoke, dust, and dry soils, make it a good choice for urban landscaping. It is fairly fast growing.
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