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Cold Climate November Garden Calendar

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November Calendar

For COLD climates


Trees and Shrubs

Ø►Thoroughly water all trees and shrubs before the ground freezes.

Ø►Spray evergreens with antitranspirants to prevent water loss.

Ø►Apply whitewash or protective cloth around the trunks of young trees to prevent winter sunscald.


ØContinue garden cleanup and turn the compost pile.

Ø►Complete soil preparation for spring.

Ø►Clean, repair, and store tools, hoses and other garden equipment.

Perennials and Bulb

Ø►Take soil samples before the ground freezes for testing.

Ø►Finish garden cleanup adding disease free plant materials to the compost pile.

Ø►Begin soil preparation for spring before the ground freezes.

Ø►Water new bulb plantings if autumn weather is dry.


Ø►Prepare new beds to be planted in the spring.

Ø►Inspect and repair trellises and arbors.

Ø►Cover the soil in rose beds with a mulch of dry fallen leaves.

Ø►Cover miniature and ground-cover roses with evergreen boughs or other light protection.

Vegetables and Herbs

Ø►Mix fresh manure into all beds except those to be planted with root crops.

Ø►Mulch the soil around perennial crops like asparagus and sage.

Ø►Dig and store root crops in cool moist sand.

Ø►Clean up and store trellises, cages, bean poles, and stakes.

Ø►Finish collecting fall leaves and tilling them into the soil; shredding speeds their decomposition.


Ø►Complete garden cleanup before the first snowstorms.

Ø►As weather allows, till more fallen leaves into the soil.

Ø►Incorporate manure, compost and other needed amendments into the beds now to break down and mellow over winter.

Ø►Make sure tools and supplies are safely stored away for the winter.


Ø►Rake up leaves and debris as needed.

Ø►Mow newly overseeded grass at ½ inch above normal for a manicured appearance.

Ø►Water if autumn is dry.

Ø►Trim tree limbs and prune shrubs over areas where grass had difficulty growing because of shade.

Ø►Establish a new lawn with sod if the ground isn’t frozen.

Patio and Container Plants

Ø►Finish Autumn cleanup after killing frosts

Ø►Complete planting of all spring blooming bulbs

Ø►Complete planting of hardy plants for winter display, including evergreens such as pines and spruce.

Ø►Bury or insulate by wrapping any containers of all root tender but otherwise hardy plants.

Ø►Keep all containers well watered until the ground freezes.



Source:Reader’s Digest 1001 Hints & Tips For Your Garden

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