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Warm Climate November Garden Calendar

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November Garden Calendar

For Warm climates


·►Trees and Shrubs

oStake new trees high on the trunk; tie them as loosely as possible to encourage wind movement while still protecting them from damage.

oKeep planting woody ornamentals.

oControl scale insects on the backs of leaves of broad-leaved evergreens by spraying with dormant oil.

oTake a garden inventory and remove plants that have not performed well.


oProtect tender plants from frost in colder areas to extend blooming.

oRemove all spent and frost damaged plants, and prepare soil for winter and spring planting.

oAdd disease free plant material to compost pile.

oTake cuttings from or move indoors any plants to be saved or overwintered.

·►Perennials and Bulb

oSow seeds for spring planting.

oFinish planting spring flowering bulbs.

oClean up after any frosts in colder areas, adding disease free plant material to compost pile.

oFill in with hardy annuals for winter display.

oWatch for signs of pests and disease.


oTake cuttings for propagation.

oTransplant rooted cuttings from last year.

oPlant pansies and violas in the rose beds for winter color.

oPlant early spring-flowering bulbs in the rose beds.

·►Vegetables and Herbs

oHarvest new potatoes by carefully digging near the surface. Save the deeper tubers for mature harvest in December.

oWatch for cabbage loopers.

oAdd leaves, grass clippings, and manure to the compost pile, and turn it every 2 weeks. Add more manure and water if pile wont heat up.

oFoliar-feed vegetables and herbs with a hose-end fertilizer sprayer.


oBe prepared to protect plants from early frost.

oHarvest fruit as soon as it turns pink to limit insect and bird damage.

oContinue adding to the compost pile and turn it every 2 weeks.

oWatch for leaf footed stink bugs.

oPlant empty areas with a cover crop of rye or oats to discourage nematodes.


oMow only as needed.

oWater if autumn is dry.

oRake up leaves and other debris as needed.

oApply fertilizer to Bermuda grass if not done already.

·►Patio and Container Plants

oMonitor plants daily for water needs and pest control.

oPinch back and deadhead as needed.

oContinue planting cool season annuals and replacing trees and shrubs as needed.


Source:Reader’s Digest 1001 Hints & Tips For Your Garden

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