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Top 10 Easy-to-Grow Perennials

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Easy to Grow Perennials?  In reality, it all depends on the climate you live in.  The plants listed here are a general guide for most of the country.  Of course, if you live in the arid regions of Arizona, a few on this list wont work, the same holds true to the extreme cold areas with little snowfall.   Be sure to check your hardiness zone before you plant! 

  • Daylily:  A very easy to grow perennial. Comes in a variety of colors, and now have a several cultivars that bloom throughout the growing season.  The do well in full-sun to part-shade and are do well in Hardiness Zones 3-9 depending on variety. 
  • Echinacea:  I love this plant!  Truly care free, especially if you train the roots to grow deep by watering deeply. This plant is also known as coneflower, and is a US native prairie plant.  Very drought resistant, but still does well in damp soil.  Loves the sun, but can tolerate part sun.  Comes in pink, red, orange, yellow and white.  Zones 3-8.  Check the specifics as hybrids often are not hardy in the colder of the zones.
  • Gaura:  A nice perennial that has tall stems with pink, red or white flowers. Looks best when planted in groups. Gaura blooms from spring to autumn and it very low maintenance. Thrives in hot, dry areas.  Hardiness zone 6-9 but can survive in zone 5 with winter protection. 
  • Hosta: A perfect plant for any shady area, although they are now growing a few Hosta that are more tolerant of the sun.  Most varieties have large leaves, but come in many sizes, and nice spikes of flowers.  A care free plant if planted in the right location.  Hardiness Zone 2-10 depending on variety.
  • Iris:  Comes in a variety of colors, as well as bloom shapes. A wonderful blooming display. Be sure to plant it among other plants to hide it's fading flowers and stems. Generally Zone 3-10.  Check specific plant information.  
  • Scabiosa:  Also called the pincushion flower.  It comes in flowers of burgundy, pink, white or blue.  It adapts easily to most growing conditions. Does well in full sun but if you are in a very hot climate, shade it from the hottest part of the day.  Hardiness zones 3-9 but this depends greatly on the cultivar.
  • Sedum:  Likes hot, dry, full-sun conditions.  Has think, succulent foliage, and some bear bright flowers.  Some varieties make a great groundcover in those odd, dry places. Sedum is rarely aggressive and often drought tolerant.  Zones 3-11 depending on species 
  • Solidago:  Most know it as goldenrod.  A native prairie plant that many consider a weed.  There has been many advances in with this plant giving us cultivars that are beautiful and bright.  They extremely drought tolerant.  Hardiness zones 4-9.
  • Spiderwort:  Comes in shades of  blue, purple or pink flowers that bloom throughout the summer.  It can be planted in full sun or part shade. Is very drought tolerant and low maintenance.  Hardiness zones 4-9, check variety.
  • Perennial Blue Salvia:  Tall blue flower spikes throughout the summer and often splashes of color in the fall.  A Genus that varies greatly so you must be certain to be getting the correct species for your zone.  While some are hardy in zone 7 and up there are several species hardy to as cold as zone 3.  When the right variety is planted in your garden, it is virtually trouble free. Deadheading encourages re-blooming.  Hardiness Zone 3-10 depending on species.
These are all fantastic, drought tolerant, low maintenance flowers.  Once you are certain you have the right plant for your zone, you will have a great, worry free plant in your garden.
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